Sample Menu 2

King Kreations PCS

Sample Menu 2

Meatball Stuffed Braided Bread with Caesar Salad

Meatballs (made with your choice of ground meat) onions, peppers, pizza sauce,

And mozzarella all enveloped in warm, soft braided bread and

 Served with a Caesar salad

Coconut Chicken with Dipping Sauce

Plump chicken breasts rolled in coconut and Panko crumbs lightly seasoned

With cayenne pepper, baked to perfection and served

With Asian dipping sauce

Chicken Curry and Rice

Juicy chicken breasts baked in a sweet and tangy sauce seasoned

With curry and served over rice

Tilapia Pockets & Twice Baked Potatoes

Tilapia, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, crumbled feta, lemon pepper and

Dill weed perfectly baked in a foil packet and served

With twice baked potatoes

Pork Paprikash with Noodles

Chunks of tenderloin simmered in a robust tomato sauce seasoned

With Hungarian paprika, finished with sour cream, and

Served over noodles